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Which Manic Pixie Dream Girl You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Manic Pixie Dream Girls (or "MPDGs") have been a media staple for years. The term, coined in 2005, refers to a quirky female character who exists solely for the emotional fulfillment or betterment of a story's male protagonist. Since its inception, this movie trope has received plenty of criticism for being inherently sexist - these female characters are not written to be interesting in their own right, but to be interesting for the sake of the male lead.

While the MPDG character type is often identified by a few distinctive traits - they may have brightly colored hair, listen to the Smiths, and view the world through a fresh, supposedly inspiring lens - not all are the same. Envisioning the astrological signs as Manic Pixie Dream Girls may reveal the hidden nuances of each character and show you which MPDG you are most like.

  • Photo: Breakfast at Tiffany's / Paramount Pictures

    Ariens are enthusiastic, determined, and ambitious by nature. In fact, they tend to be very opportunistic, as they are always looking for ways to further their careers or achieve their life goals. Likewise, Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn) from Breakfast at Tiffany's is an MPDG who is working toward something.

    While Holly certainly fits the MPDG bill - as she is quirky, energetic, impulsive, and inspiring - she is also pocketing $50 per bathroom trip. Holly is committed to her monetary ends, which is likely how Ariens would play their MPDG cards, too. Ariens aren't just going to be flighty - they're going to be flighty with an endgame.

    • Photo: Almost Famous / DreamWorks Pictures

      Taurus is the quintessential Earth sign. Taureans are humble, loyal, and reliable, and they value their relationships above all else. They are also drawn to gardening, cooking, and music. However, Taureans can also be gluttons: They enjoy indulging in the good things in life and don’t see a reason to apologize for doing so.

      They’re most like Penny Lane (Kate Hudson) from Almost Famous, who is defined by her special connection to music and indulgent behavior. Like Taureans, Penny Lane can't get enough of love or rock and roll.

      • Photo: Along Came Polly / Universal Pictures

        Geminis are affectionate, friendly, and curious people. They enjoy small talk and connecting to those they come into contact with. They tend to have a wide circle of friends, but only a few trusted friends who really know them. Geminis can also be nervous and inconsistent.

        This sign is most like Along Came Polly’s title character, Polly Prince (Jennifer Aniston). She forces Ben Stiller’s Reuben to try activities he once deemed too dangerous. Polly is an adventurous character, full of life and down for anything. Admittedly, Polly is a bit unfocused, but arguably, so are Geminis.

        • Photo: Butterflies Are Free / Columbia Pictures

          Cancers have an innate connection to their emotions and the emotions of others. This connection makes them understanding, empathetic, and caring. Cancers are nurturers by nature, and they're at their best when they're providing support for their loved ones.

          Cancers are most like Butterflies Are Free’s Jill Tanner (Goldie Hawn), who drops quotes like, “I only ask to be free. The butterflies are free.” Jill fits the MPDG bill not only due to her charming quirks, but also due to the fact that most of her character's actions are focused on aiding the male protagonist, her blind neighbor. Jill spends most of her time caring for him, which is likely how Cancers would embody the MPDG character type.