Manic Pixie Dream Girls You'd Probably Date

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Bubbly, quirky, but ultimately flat characters who are both idealized and unattainable. Vote up the ones that you'd forgive the trope for and probably date anyway.

Whether you know it or not, some of your biggest movie crushes are manic pixie dream girls. Take a look through your DVDs or your Netflix queue and you’ll find a bevy of female characters who have eccentric personality quirks and are unabashedly girlish, but ultimately they’re static characters meant to give the male protagonist something to desire. Characters like Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim, Sugar Kane from Some Like It Hot, and even Belle from Beauty and the Beast are classic manic pixie dreamgirls. If you’re looking at these characters from the outside, they’re kind of annoying. Whether they’re walking around strumming a ukulele or making mix tape after mix tape, they don’t do much else. But admit it: there’s at least one MPDG that you would try to go steady with. Check out this list of manic pixie dream girls and use your votes to tell the world which ones you’d date.

We’ve all dated someone with qualities we’ve had to forgive. Terrible haircuts, a Hummel collection, or maybe they were in a terrible band. Take that sense of forgiveness and apply it to this list of MPDGs. Whose quirks could you cast aside for the possibility of putting a ring on it, or at least a long term commitment on it? Choose wisely, and don’t be fooled by the ever changing color of their hair.

Vote on the manic pixie dream girl that you’d probably date even though they’re super annoying. Then add any of your favorite MPDGs that you’d date that aren't already listed.
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