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The 20 Manliest Anime Men Of All Time

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Anime is filled with big and tough heroes and villains, but some are bigger and tougher than all the rest. To be a memorable and impressive one, you've got to be strong, forceful, authoritative, muscly, and preferably sport some kind of impractically large hair - either on your head, chi, or upper lip. It doesn't hurt to be popular with the ladies either.

Basically, you've got to be the most macho man you can be. Shonen anime in particular attracts a lot of this archetype, whether they be handsome leading men aiming to be the undefeated champions of the world or conniving bad guys hoping to rule the galaxy. Bonus points if you can do it all shirtless, too. 

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    The "Black Swordsman" of medieval fantasy saga Berserk is every inch the stalwart and rugged warrior he looks. His loyalty to his BFF, Griffith with his dreams of grandeur, are continually tested, as well his own noble sense of morality.

    But, though deeply cynical, Guts never lets the darkness take him over completely - mainly out of pure, manly stubbornness. He also wields a ridiculously big sword, which is impressive enough on it's own in the manliness stakes. 

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    Anime doesn't get much more macho than Fist of the North Star. Anime heroes also don't come much more macho than Kenshiro (also known as simply "Ken") who is essentially a leather-bound mash-up of Jesus and Bruce Lee by way of Mad Max

    Fist of the North Star is notorious for its ultra-violence and Ken is usually at the center of it. A story arc in which he doesn't end up with a huge heap of dead side characters around him are as rare as him keeping his bulging muscles contained within his shirt.  


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    All Might

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    In his resting form, My Hero Academia's Toshinori Yagi doesn't look like anything special - quite the opposite in fact. But, once his "One For All" Quirk has been activated he quite literally pumps his body up into an unstoppable force, the world's greatest superhero: "All Might."

    As a "Symbol of Peace," All Might encapsulates what the "ideal" man should be - big, strong, confident and constantly striving to beat the odds, no matter how impossible they may seem. And, he does it all with a smile.

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    Alex Louis Armstrong

    Not to be confused with the famous jazz musician of the same name, Full Metal Alchemist's Alex Louis Armstrong is also known as the "Strong Arm Alchemist," and that almost tells you everything you need to know about his machismo qualifications.

    He's far from a one-of-a-kind model though: the entire Armstrong family have been nobly serving the Armestrian military for generations; each member (both male and female) bursting with pride and rows of gleaming washboard abs.

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