23 Infuriating Times Men Tried To Mansplain A Subject To Experts

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"When has a man tried mansplaining to you about something you knew a lot more about than him?" - @FairieNamedMars

Over on Twitter, exasperated folks who just want to be left alone are sharing their stories of times they had their jobs, their hobbies, or their degrees explained to them by men who assumed they didn't understand the subject of said job, hobby, or degree due to their gender. Please vote up the tweets that make you want to set outside and scream. 


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    'Never, Ever Do That Again'


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    Deserving Of A Time Out


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    'That's Adorable'


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    22-Year-Old Man Tried To Teach A Woman With 24 Years Of Experience


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    Strange Brew


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    'His Theory' Vs. My Degrees


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