25 True-Size Map Comparisons That Change How We See The World

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Maps of the world come in many shapes and sizes. Navigational and road maps help you get from place to place; topographical and physical maps give you a look at terrain; and thematic maps track all kinds of information.

Useful, often colorful, and sometimes a bit confusing, maps can also be distorted. Mercator maps, for example, flatten the round globe into a two-dimensional projection that significantly alters the sizes (and even shapes) of continents, countries, and bodies of water. As a result, you get a skewed view of the world. 

Luckily, the website The True Size Of has it covered. With a few quick keystrokes, clicks, and swipes, we were able to make some surprising true-size map comparisons. Take a look and vote up the size comparisons that shock you, too.