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18 Marauder Memes That We Solemnly Swear Are Up To No Good

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Long before Harry Potter teamed up with Ron and Hermoine, there was a cooler group of friends running around Hogwarts - the Marauders. The group Gryffindors consisted of Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, Sirius Black, and James Potter. Their main form on entertainment was goofing off and getting into trouble. Bascially, they were the cool kids. They even invented to Marauders Map to sneak around the castle and cause mayhem. While some of their tricks could be a bit mean (sorry Snape) they were always without a doubt hilarious - and so are the memes. These are the funniest Marauders memes we could find. 

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    Quality Pun

    Photo: Bookbub/Potterweekly / Slydor
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    This Isn't The Time For Jokes Potter

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    I'm All Set Though

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    I'll See Myself Out Thanks

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