26 March Madness Memes To Prepare You For The Madness

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Can you feel it? You know, that pulsating anxiety that runs throughout your entire body as announcers scream and coworkers jump up and down at their desks. Don't be alarmed: that's just the unbridled beauty that is March Madness. Whether it's your first time filling out a bracket or you're a seasoned bracketeer, nothing can prepare you for the mental carnage of the NCAA tournament, except maybe some March Madness memes.

Take a break from studying expert analysis and experience the sheer joy of some March Madness humor. Take solace in knowing that no amount of March Madness facts or knowledge about the best college basketball programs in the country will help make your bracket any better. In fact, one could argue that they really should change the name to "March Sadness," because that's a more applicable experience this time of year.