cartoons There May Be A Disturbing Secret Hiding Beneath Marge Simpson's Hair  

Mick Jacobs

According to The Simpsons creator Matt Groening, Marge Simpson's towering 'do was originally supposed to hide a set of rabbit ears. Yes, you read that correctly, rabbit ears. Don't worry, the video below will explain. 

For the final episode of The Simpsons, Groening planned on revealing the secret beneath Marge's hair to all. However, his fellow writers and producers felt this plot twist made little sense for the character.

Even though the rabbit ears never made it to the TV series, Groening found other ways to slip these clandestine appendages into various Simpsons media. Just check out the famous Simpsons arcade game to get an idea.

Though Marge never got her big reveal as a human/hare hybrid, she still managed to make her way into bunny history. In 2009, Marge Simpson became the first animated character to appear in Playboy's magazine, as a result fulfilling Groening's dreams of creating a rabbit for adults only. Watch the video below to see how his dreams evolved over the course of The Simpsons's remarkable TV run.