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The 20 Greatest Margot Robbie Movie Quotes And Clapbacks That Only She Could Dish Out

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As one of Hollywood's greatest talents, Margot Robbie has had the opportunity to play some of the greatest roles of all time. There's something special to the way she is able to portray a myriad of characters who are as different as night and day with seemingly no effort. We have scoured the internet and found the greatest clap-backs and quotes in Margot Robbie movies that only she could have delivered in a way that hits harder than they ever should. Don't forget to vote up your favorite moments!

  • 1. Can't Be Mad When You Know What You're Worth

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  • 2. You Can Call Her A Lot Of Things, But Don't Ever Call Her Dumb

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  • 3. Just Making Sure Everyone Was On The Same Page

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  • 4. She Saw An Opportunity And She Went For It

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