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The "Vampire Lady" With The Body Modification World Record Has A Fascinating Story

It's easy to make assumptions about people who practice extreme body modification, but these artists usually have interesting and personal stories that explain why they do what they do.

Take Maria Jose Cristerna, the woman with the the body modification world record. Though her appearance is far from mainstream, her story of why she so heavily modified her body — earning her the nickname "Vampire Lady" —  is a fascinating, moving tale of personal reclamation and self-healing.

The facts about Maria Cristerna the Vampire Lady are as interesting as her many body mods. From tattoos, to subdermal implants, to fangs, there is nobody on Earth quite like her. Cristerna's story is inspirational, not just because she transformed her body into a canvas for her art, but also because of how she has channeled her life experience into artwork and outreach.