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The Vampire Lady With The Body Modification World Record Is More Awesome Than You’d Think

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It's easy to make assumptions about people who practice extreme body modification, but these artists usually have interesting and personal stories that explain why they do what they do.

Take Maria Jose Cristerna, the woman with the the body modification world record. Though her appearance is far from mainstream, her story of why she so heavily modified her body — earning her the nickname "Vampire Lady" —  is a fascinating, moving tale of personal reclamation and self-healing.

The facts about Maria Cristerna the Vampire Lady are as interesting as her many body mods. From tattoos, to subdermal implants, to fangs, there is nobody on Earth quite like her. Cristerna's story is inspirational, not just because she transformed her body into a canvas for her art, but also because of how she has channeled her life experience into artwork and outreach. 

  • Maria Cristerna Is A Former Lawyer And Tattoo Artist


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    Cristerna's current appearance certainly advertises that she works in the body modification community as a tattoo artist, but that hasn't always been her job. Before she was a tattoo artist, she was a lawyer.

    Since law is a pretty traditional field, Cristerna's tattoos — let alone her implants, dental work, and forked tongue — probably wouldn't be welcomed in the courtroom. Her change in careers doesn't invalidate her past work; Cristerna is an intelligent and driven woman, no matter how the world judges her appearance. If anything, her body modifications indicate that she's confident and in control.


  • Cristerna Is A Mother Of Four

    People tend to make snap judgments about those who modify their bodies, but Cristerna insists that she's just a normal person. In addition to being a tattoo artist and advocate for domestic violence victims, she's also a mother of four

    Though Cristerna is frequently approached by people who want photographs, that doesn't stop her from taking care of her children, who are now teenagers. Despite all the attention brought about by her body modifications, Cristerna is just like any other modern mother.

  • Cristerna’s Likeness Is Quite Popular

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    Cristerna's look is distinctive enough that she's regularly stopped in her hometown to take pictures. Her family has even joked that they won't go to the movies with her because of all the attention, and she doesn't pick her children up from school because of how many people want to talk to her.

    Cristerna's fame goes beyond her town; she's an active part of the body modification scene, appearing at events all across the world. She's even been made into a wax statue for the Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum in London. 

  • Cristerna Grew Up In Around Lots Of Gang Violence

    Cristerna's life has not been easy. Growing up in Guadalajara, Mexico, she has always lived in close proximity to gang violence. Despite this, Cristerna hasn't left in search of greener pastures; she lives in the same home and neighborhood she grew up in, despite having the resources to move.

    Cristerna advocates for people in her community — especially women — encouraging them to leave their abusive spouses. She's an important figure in her neighborhood, and people often come to her for advice regarding a multitude of issues. 

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