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Fun Facts About Mariah Carey More Impressive Than A Five-Octave Register

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Though Mariah Carey titled her mid-career comeback The Emancipation of Mimi, the elusive chanteuse was actually free from the very beginning as evidenced by fun facts about Mariah Carey. The only things that match the dramatics of her vocal register are Mariah Carey fun facts, moments she's been getting lost in since her career began. With a net worth totaling over $500 million, Carey can and does live in a reality all her own. It's comprised of high heels, her biggest hits, and more shade than a skyscraper can provide.

These facts, from her tour rider requests to her pets' lavish lifestyles, nearly eclipse her music career entirely. One could easily spend an entire afternoon reading about Mariah Carey's life without ever needing to put her music on – though putting "Fantasy" on in the background feels quite appropriate.

But you may not realize the young Mariah Carey dealt with a number of hardships before she hit the big time, particularly due to her mixed-race heritage. And her career, though gaudy and glittery most of the time, still suffered from personal difficulties like a mental breakdown and a miscarriage. Despite these hardships, Mariah Carey shakes them off and continues to live as if she is the center of the universe. Truly, at the end of the day, everyone's a little bit obsessed with Mariah Carey.

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    Her 2017 NYE Performance Devolved Into A Mess

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    Even if others are to blame, this performance unfortunately made no one excited for 2017. "It doesn't get any better." No, Mimi, it does not.

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    She Does Everything In Heels


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    When you hit the high notes, you need some high heels. From performing to exercising to bowling, Carey does it in heels.

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    She Allegedly Stormed Out Of Barack Obama's Inauguration

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    Carey performed at Barack Obama's 2009 inauguration, singing her ballad "Hero" after being introduced by none other than Nick Cannon. Reportedly, when Carey learned where she was to be seated after her performance, she stormed out of the inaugural dinner.

    Your fave would never.

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    She Made A Tipsy Acceptance Speech At A Film Festival

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    For those who may not remember (though how could you forget), Carey played a social worker in the film Precious, a role that won her the Breakthrough Actress award at the Palm Springs Film Festival. In the way only a diva can, Carey upstages that performance with her acceptance speech, a monologue that reminds you why people go to Palm Springs. It's more entertaining than the entire Oscars.

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