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The Best Food Items to Turn Into Marijuana Edibles

So many things are better with (canna)butter: cookies, candies, cakes, oh my! If you're considering making a little cannabudder (how cheeky) and unleashing your inner marijuana chef, this list of foods to make with pot butter is a great place to look for edible ideas. Far from the standards of pot brownies and weed cookies, the list of marijuana cooking ideas will push you in the direction of sweet, savory, and even calorie conscious edibles that will get you high. 

What are the best marijuana edibles? What does cannabutter go best with? Frankly, anything that calls for butter can be made into an edible as long as the butter's not meant to burn off. You can butter your toast with cannabudder, mix it into your omelette, or just eat a chunk of it if you're feeling fat and sober. However you choose to cook with cannabis, the result's gonna be a okay, man.