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How Parents And The Media Wrongfully Blamed Marilyn Manson For The Columbine Shooting

Updated 29 Sep 2017 6.9k views14 items

When tragedy strikes, it's human nature to search for an answer. However, this search can sometimes lead to misplaced blame. In the aftermath of the Columbine shooting, in which students Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris killed 13 classmates and teachers before shooting themselves, parents and the media set their sights on musician Marilyn Manson. While it was later revealed neither Klebold nor Harris were fans of Manson's music, he got a lot of negative publicity after the event and his career took a major hit.

The notion that Marilyn Manson is to blame for the Columbine shooting just goes to show how much people will lash out in order to make sense of a tragedy. Manson's career has recovered in recent years and he seems to be doing well for himself. With more and more mass shootings occurring in America, people are exploring more complex underlying causes and, often, music is blamed for violence.

Columbine ruined Marilyn Manson's career, according to the musician, and such a phenomena is both fascinating and sad. It demonstrates the psychology behind panic and how false stories can quickly become accepted as fact in the wake of tragedy. 

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