Famous Men Marilyn Monroe Dated

Who did Marilyn Monroe date? This is a list of Marilyn Monroe loves, ex boyfriends, and breakup rumors. Marilyn Monroe fans will also enjoy these lesser known facts about Norma Jean (Marilyn's birth name). For being one of the most famous bombshells, there aren't as many reported lovers as you'd think.

If you're wondering how many husbands Marilyn Monroe had or who was the most famous celebrity Marilyn Monroe married, this list is for you. How many times was Marilyn Monroe married? There were three Marilyn Monroe husbands, Arthur Miller, Joe DiMaggio, and James Dougherty. Marilyn Monroe's love history is a must-read for fans. Scroll down to read more about the Marilyn Monroe spouses and lovers, such as where they were born.

Marilyn Monroe ex-boyfriends include athletes, politicians, and celebrities, and she probably would have dated more if she hadn't met an untimely passing. Marilyn Monroe's alleged flings don't stop with men either (as you'll see on this list of rumored Marilyn Monroe affairs). As it stands, these are the most notable (and known) Marilyn Monroe boyfriends.

Photo: George Rinhart / Getty Images