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Marilyn Monroe's Loves & Hookups

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Who did Marilyn Monroe date? Who Marilyn Monroe dated; list of Marilyn Monroe loves, ex boyfriends; breakup rumors and exes. Marilyn Monroe fans will also enjoy these lesser known facts about Norma Jean (Marilyn's birth name) and these pictures of Marilyn Monroe's feet. The loves, relationships, exes, and marriages of Marilyn Monroe, listed by most recent. For being one of the greatest and first sex symbols ever, there aren't as many reported lovers as you'd think.

If you're wondering how many husbands Marilyn Monroe had or who was the most famous celebrity Marilyn Monroe married, this list is for you. Featuring names like Joe DiMaggio, John F. Kennedy, and Arthur Miller (2 of which were at one point her spouse), Marilyn Monroe's love history is a must-read for fans. 

Marilyn Monroe lovers and ex-boyfriends include athletes, politicians, and celebrities, and she probably would have dated more if she hadn't met an untimely passing. Marilyn Monroe's alleged flings don't stop with men either (as you'll see on this list of rumored Marilyn Monroe affairs). As it stands, these are the most notable (and known) Marilyn Monroe boyfriends.

  • John F. Kennedy
    Photo: Cecil W. Stoughton / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe allegedly had an affair in 1962.

    • Age: Dec. at 46 (1917-1963)
    • Birthplace: Brookline, Massachusetts, USA

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  • Robert F. Kennedy
    Photo: Yoichi R. Okamoto / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    Like his brother President John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy allegedly had an affair with Marilyn Monroe in the 1960s.

    • Age: Dec. at 43 (1925-1968)
    • Birthplace: Brookline, Massachusetts, USA

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  • Marilyn Monroe reportedly dated Yves Montand in 1960.

    Ivo Livi, better known as Yves Montand (French pronunciation: ​[iv mɔ̃tɑ̃]; 13 October 1921 – 9 November 1991), was an Italian-French actor and singer....  more
    • Age: Dec. at 70 (1921-1991)
    • Birthplace: Monsummano Terme, Italy

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  • Sam Giancana
    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    Marilyn Monroe reportedly spent her last night alive with mafia boss Sam Giancana, whom she was dating.

    • Age: Dec. at 67 (1908-1975)
    • Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois, United States of America