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What Your Favorite 'Mario Kart' Character Says About You

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The Mario Kart games are one of those series that defines you as a person. Your choices - like when to use the notorious blue shell - can lead you to victory and destroy friendships. But the most important decision in any iteration of Mario Kart is your character.

Those who claim to play all the characters equally are liars. Everyone has a favorite driver, and your preferred Mario Kart character can give even strangers an intimate look into your psyche. Starting to date someone new? Forget asking where they grew up - their Mario Kart avatar can help you decide whether or not they're the one. Trying to get a handle on your new boss? Casually ask who they choose to put behind the digital wheel.

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    Ah, the classic. You are most likely the first-born, which means you live to boss people around. You're the person who invites your friends over to "take turns" playing a one-player game, but for the most part, you play while everyone else watches. That's fun, right?

    If you're at a bar and your favorite song comes on, you let out a guttural "WOOOO!" and drag all your friends out onto the dance floor. Yeah, your pals probably complain about how annoying you can be, but let's be honest - they would lead fairly dull lives without you.

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    You are the queen (or king) of low-key shade. Did you just unleash that blue shell when the leader was five seconds away from the finish line? Oops. You may seem naive, but it's just an act. You're known to post Instagram stories aimed at your ex, and you're the master of setting thirst traps.

    Anything that catches your attention can turn into an obsession, but you can become bored with it just as quickly as you fell in love. 

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    You tend to be right about things, but people don't listen because you have the presence of a wet noodle. You like to think of yourself as a shy introvert, which is partially true, but for the most part, you're a coward with a superiority complex.

    Everyone yells at you for not pointing out something crucial earlier (even though you did), and you take it. Like you always do.

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    You are a pain in everyone's behinds. You always make your presence known and laugh at your own jokes. Your go-to move is keeping a banana peel on the back of your cart and swooping right in front of someone to wipe them out - it's never not hilarious!

    You're belligerent, but people can't help but like you - even if they sometimes hate you.