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The Best Mark Millar Comic Books

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Early on in his career, Mark Millar dreamed of being both a writer and an artist. But he later got the "best advice" he ever received from comic book writer Grant Morrison who told him to choose one of the two career paths, as it's difficult to succeed in both. Millar took the advice to heart and focused on becoming a comic book writer. And today, we get to celebrate his works as a writer with this very list. Here are the best works from Mark Millar.

You may not recognize his name, but you'll recognize his long list of writing credits in the comic book industry. He's most notably the man behind Marvel's Ultimate Universe, having launched Ultimate X-Men in 2001, and teamed-up with artist Bryan Hitch on The Ultimates, which was later adapted into two Marvel animated features.

in 2004, Millar began a creator-owned line called Millarworld where his popular book Kick-Ass was born. Kick-Ass became so popular that it has two feature films under its belt, with promises of more to come. Since the last issue of Kick-Ass hit comic book shelves, Millar has no signs of slowing down, as he has many projects in the works. With that being said, are you excited about Mark Millar and Netflix joining forces?

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