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Special Things Every Mario Kart 64 Character Does Better Than The Others

Updated 24 Sep 2019 49.5k views8 items

List RulesOnly characters from the Nintendo 64 iteration of Mario Kart are included.

Mario Kart 64 (sometimes misspelled as MarioKart) holds the distinction as the first great Nintendo game featuring a playable ensemble cast. Sure, Super Mario Kart came first on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, but the 1996 Nintendo 64 classic is the one that took couch multiplayer sessions to the next level. 

While much can be said about the concept of luck in Mario Kart, each of the eight characters have their own distinct capabilities and positive qualities for every sort of player. From novices to enthusiasts, every character lends a unique set of skills that will help any player pass the finish line at the front of the pack.

Here are the specialized skills that make each of these brave Mario Kart characters good.

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