The "Appropriate Ages" For Marriage From Cultures Around The World

In the United States, the legal age of consent for marriage depends on the state. The average age is 18 to tie the knot without parental consent. But what is the average age in other areas of the world? While there's no set marriage age in many other cultures, there are certainly norms. Some countries base marriage laws on specific ages, while others require parties to have reached puberty before they can be legally wed.

When discussing marriage and sex culture around the world, it's important to acknowledge how different perceptions of maturity and religious beliefs can affect views. Many nations continue to have higher-than-usual rates of child brides, though human and women's rights activists are working to change that. The nuances of what is considered marriage-ready in terms of age varies widely from area to area - and even from person to person - but most would agree that the willingness and understanding of both parties is crucial to such a commitment.

Marriage age around the world is often higher than the age of sexual consent, sometimes even within in the same country. But regardless of your personal views on intimacy and matrimony, learning about marriage culture around the world can provide an intriguing look at how other societies live.