15 Marriage Counselors Share The Worst Couples They've Seen So You Don't Make The Same Mistakes

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Marriage couples: vote up the counseling stories you don't want to repeat.

If you've ever wondered what goes on during a marriage counseling session, these marriage counselor stories have got you covered. Check out these couples counseling stories and vote up the worst ones.

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    She Complained About Her Husband Being "Too Nurturing"

    From Redditor u/painsomnia:

    I had a guy friend whose now ex-wife dragged him to couples counseling because he was "too nurturing" and she wanted him to be "more of a real man". She actually complained about how when her female friends sat around complaining about their husbands, she couldn't join in, because my friend wasn't an emotionally stunted man-child.

    Halfway through their first session, he told her he wanted a divorce and walked out, lol. That was right after she'd been telling the therapist about how she'd known he wasn't an archetypal "man's man" when they got together, but that she'd always thought she could change him into "a real man". CHRIST, she was insufferable.

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    She Hated The Color Of The Dog Her Husband Got Her

    From Redditor u/faleboat:

    I was a life coach for a bit before I realized it was more administrative work than I wanted to do (I wanted to help people, not fight inner organizational political fights). During my brief time, one of my clients was really struggling with the color of the dog that her husband got for her. She wanted a specific breed of dog since she was a kid and her husband did a bunch of research and got her one from a good line of the breed, but its coat was darker than the dog she imagined, and she was *really* struggling with it.

    We had a few sessions about expectations clouding your happiness and it turns out the dog was the most explicit example of a much bigger issue she had in her life. But I had to seriously put my WTF on hold when she told me about the shade of her dog is a problem.

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    She Complained About Her Distant Boyfriend Who Turned Out To Be An Ex

    From Redditor u/MrsAHole:

    I had a woman come in for couples counseling. Over the phone, she reported that her boyfriend (with the same last name - very confusing) was distant and was refusing to listen. When the session started it was just her that showed up. She went on and on about how absent he was and how he refused to see the progress she had been making in her life. It turns out the "boyfriend" was an ex who had a restraining order against her and lived halfway across the country from her. She just could not get her thinking away from him and legally changed her last name to his because it would mean they would be together. She figured couples counseling was the way to work out their relationship issues.

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    They Broke Up With Their Partner Before The Session Even Started

    From Redditor u/targaryenmegan:

    Nothing is really stupid in making the decision to come in for a couples session. But the most startling session I’ve had was when the couple had barely sat down and one of them informed the other that the relationship was over, turned to me and said “thank you for supporting (their partner) through this” and left the office.

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    She Was Manipulating Her Husband Into Thinking He Was The Problem

    From Redditor u/Curious-Unicorn:

    One of my most startling, the couple had communication issues. She’s a therapist. Watching the dynamics between them, she’s awful and manipulative. I’m sitting there wanting to tell him to get the F out of the relationship. Because she is convincing him that he has a problem. I can’t make decisions for people. When I saw him alone, I tried to help guide him to see what was going on.

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    She Felt Betrayed Because Her Husband Wasn't Making Enough Money

    From Redditor u/lonewanderer015:

    I think my favorite was a woman who married a man whose dad and brothers worked in a successful family business. Husband didn't work in the family business and didn't want to. The wife married him anyway expecting him to be her meal ticket. Eleven years later he still hasn't gone into the family business and she feels BETRAYED.

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