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Divorcees Reveal Red Flags That Should've Warned Them About Marriage

Updated 1 Jul 2019 259.4k views27 items

After the breathless "I do" is a distant memory, and the honeymoon bliss fades, and the ring is a little less shiny, the realities of marriage settle in. Some couples weather the ups and downs 'til death do they part, but for others, the relationship just isn't made to last. Sometimes it's a deep, dark secret that ends a marriage, but more often it's a problem that's a little more in the open. Even if the issue isn't obvious right away, in hindsight one partner can see the red flags previously blocked by rose-colored glasses. No one is immune to this, either - even celebrities get divorced, despite all of the advantages of wealth and outward success. 

People who have been divorced shared on Reddit the warning signs and red flags that led to the demise of their marriages. Perhaps some of them will seem obvious to you, but wanting to stay in love and hold on to those marriage vows often keeps people from seeing clearly. As one Redditor noted, "Marriage is hard, even when you do everything you can to make it work."

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