What Happened To The Couples From 'Married At First Sight'?

For eight seasons, the reality series Married at First Sight has done exactly what the title promises: marry complete strangers to see if they can make a lasting union. In the first episode, relationship experts pair three couples who then navigate married life for the remainder of the season. With such a ridiculous premise it's natural to wonder: Is anyone from Married at First Sight still together? If you take a look at the Married at First Sight pairs then and now, you'll discover there are a surprising amount of successful marriages.

The concept of marrying two strangers based on the opinions of relationship experts sounds like a recipe for one of the dumbest reality shows. However, the couples' sincere approach to the unconventional matchmaking technique also renders Married at First Sight one of the most watchable reality shows. In the US, the show initially aired on FYI and A&E before switching to Lifetime. It was so successful that producers launched versions in both the UK and Australia.

Regardless of your opinion on the premise, you're probably still wondering what happened to the couples on Married at First Sight.

  • John Robertson And Melissa Walsh Split Amicably 

    John Robertson, a 55-year-old dad, married Deborah Brosnan on Season 4 of the Australian version of the show. She later dumped him, but producers liked Robertson and invited him back for Season 5 in 2018. 

    He and his new wife, Melissa Walsh, appeared to get along well and elected to stay together at the end of the season. However, a friend said it was all an act. According to the source, "John can't fail twice, so production pretty much told Mel to just smile and nod and enjoy the ride." 

    The couple denied allegations they were faking their love for each other, but announced their split in March 2018 due to "significant differences in our lives and expectations in relationships." 

  • Sean Thomsen And Blair Rachael Disappeared From The Public Eye

    Season 5 of Australia's Married at First Sight coupled 30-somethings Blair Rachael and Sean Thomsen. After the couple slept together, Sean told her he didn't feel a spark, which left Blair heartbroken and in tears. They stuck it out for a few more days, but when it was time for them to spend a week together at her apartment, Sean said, "The thing that I'm grappling with over the last couple of weeks is, like, I can't picture us together. I'm sorry." The couple effectively ended the marriage in February 2018 and left the show. 

    Speaking to lifestyle magazine New Idea, an anonymous insider said the couple actually ended things because producers thought they were boring. According to the source, "They got them to fake a big argument so it looked like there was another reason for them to leave, but in reality [the producers] didn’t want to pay a crew to follow them around when they knew there was hardly any airtime in it."

  • Jamie Otis And Doug Hehner Starred In Spinoff Shows

    Jamie Otis And Doug Hehner Starred In Spinoff Shows
    Photo: A&E

    Jamie Otis, a former Bachelor contestant, and Doug Hehner, a consultant, got married in Season 1 of Married at First Sight. Although Jamie struggled with her attraction to her husband at the beginning of the season, Doug was patient and persistent, and they eventually grew to really like each other. 

    By the end of the season, Jamie and Doug decided to continue the marriage, which is still going strong as of 2018. In August 2017, they welcomed their first child, a baby girl named Henley Grace. Their life as a married couple was chronicled in the spinoff Married at First Sight: The First Year. Otis also hosts another spinoff show, Married at First Sight: Unfiltered.

  • Jason Carrion And Cortney Hendrix Work Hard At Their Marriage

    Jason Carrion And Cortney Hendrix Work Hard At Their Marriage
    Photo: A&E

    Jason and Cortney appeared to fall pretty hard for each other in Season 1, and they decided to stay together. Their life as a couple was documented in the spinoff series, Married at First Sight: The First Year.

    As of 2018, the couple is still happily married. To make things work, Jason realized he had to make the marriage a priority over his firefighting and wrestling careers. Speaking with E! Online, Jason said, "I had to take a step back and re-evaluate what was most important in my life - my wife." Cortney added, "I am a firm believer that God has a hand in my marriage every day and if he can put Jason and I together, he can do the same for others."

  • Monet Bell And Vaughn Copeland Went Their Separate Ways After One Month

    Monet Bell And Vaughn Copeland Went Their Separate Ways After One Month
    Photo: A&E

    At the end of Season 1, Monet and Vaughn decided it wasn't working out, and they divorced after one month of marriage. Monet told Essence she and Vaughn broke up because there simply wasn't enough time to get to know one another. She explained, "Five weeks wasn't enough time for us to be able to really assess each other especially seeing that we were arguing most of the time. I wonder what would have happened if there were no cameras."

    In 2015, Monet went on to star in another reality series, #BlackLove, about five Black women trying to figure out their love lives. Vaughn started dating a woman named Jenny Faber after the split. In September 2016, the couple welcomed a baby boy, Zaire William Copeland. 

  • Jessica Castro And Ryan De Nino's Relationship Ended With A Restraining Order

    Jessica Castro And Ryan De Nino's Relationship Ended With A Restraining Order
    Photo: A&E

    During Season 2, Jessica and Ryan had some pretty heated arguments, but they ultimately elected to stay married. Not long after choosing to stay together, the couple revealed the relationship was over, and Jessica suggested Ryan was unfaithful.

    In the midst of the 2015 divorce, Jessica filed a restraining order against Ryan, which he published on Instagram. He called the court order "disgusting," but admitted to treating Jessica poorly on the show. Jessica's lawyer said the restraining order aimed to protect her from "all threats to her safety and well-being."

    Jessica also threatened to sue A&E for pairing her with Ryan, claiming he should have been filtered out through the show's supposedly "rigid" screening methods.