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What Happened To The Couples From 'Married At First Sight'?

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For eight seasons, the reality series Married at First Sight has done exactly what the title promises: marry complete strangers to see if they can make a lasting union. In the first episode, relationship experts pair three couples who then navigate married life for the remainder of the season. With such a ridiculous premise it's natural to wonder: Is anyone from Married at First Sight still together? If you take a look at the Married at First Sight pairs then and now, you'll discover there are a surprising amount of successful marriages.

The concept of marrying two strangers based on the opinions of relationship experts sounds like a recipe for one of the dumbest reality shows. However, the couples' sincere approach to the unconventional matchmaking technique also renders Married at First Sight one of the most watchable reality shows. In the US, the show initially aired on FYI and A&E before switching to Lifetime. It was so successful that producers launched versions in both the UK and Australia.

Regardless of your opinion on the premise, you're probably still wondering what happened to the couples on Married at First Sight.

  • David Norton And Ashley Doherty Split After Alleged Cheating

    Photo: FYI

    In Season 3, David and Ashley's marriage got off to a rocky start when Ashley found out he messaged another woman on social media. The couple separated at the end of the season. Ashley's mother accused the show of hiding David's sketchy past, including a 2008 disorderly conduct charge that sent him to anger management classes. Her mother added, "A couple of times, she said he got in her face. But of course they’re not going to show that on camera because they portrayed him as Mr. Wonderful."

    In 2017, David starred in a spinoff seriesMarried at First Sight: Second Chances. He left the show single. Ashley stayed out of the spotlight and apparently finished nursing school in 2017.

  • Davina Kullar Got Remarried After Parting Ways With Sean Varricchio

    Photo: A&E

    Season 2's Sean and Davina struggled to bond with each other and never consummated their marriage. They announced their split during the season finale and wished each other well. Davina explained, "I think Sean is a great person and there has been a cultivation of a friendship, but it's a platonic relationship." Sean agreed, saying, "Davina is a good person with a good heart but she is not the person for me." During a reunion show, the two made subtle jabs at one another concerning what they needed from a partner. 

    In 2016, Davina revealed she had remarried. Meanwhile, in February of that year, Sean mentioned he was dating someone new.

  • Neil Bowlus And Samantha Role Broke Up, And Samantha's Engaged To Someone New

    Photo: FYI

    At the end of Season 3, Sam made it clear she wanted to keep things going, even though she admitted, "I was an evil b*tch when I first met you, and... I did not manage myself properly." In response, Neil decided it was best to get divorced.

    In January 2018, Sam got engaged to boyfriend Chris Wise. Neil was quick to congratulate his ex, tweeting, "Congrats and happy forever!! #MAFS is a catalyst for growth. You are proof of that and you deserve greatness." In March 2018, Sam announced was pregnant with her first child.

  • Sonia Granados And Nick Pendergrast Split, And Nick Has Twins With Another Woman

    Photo: FYI

    During a heated argument in Season 4, Nick claimed he was not attracted to his wife Sonia. Despite his hurtful words, they decided to stay married in order to work on their relationship. In January 2017, the couple officially divorced. In July 2017, Nick revealed he was expecting twins with his new girlfriend, AfterBuzz host Heather Yerrid.

    Sonia was irritated by the announcement and claimed Nick became involved with Heather while they were still together. Nick insists his new relationship began after the divorce was final. Heather gave birth to son Logan Joseph and daughter Layla Rae in December 2017.