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9 Serial Killers Who Were Married

This list of married serial killers includes some of the most notorious criminals in history. From BTK to the Green River Valley slayer, this list of serial killers who had wives or husbands includes criminals like John Wayne Gacy, Dennis Radner, and Robert Lee Yates.

Also among the many serial killers who were not only some of most notorious in history, but also happened to be married are Dr. H.H. Holmes, Albert Fish, and Marcel Petiot. Many of these serial killers also engaged in sexual assault, including Paul Bernardo, Russell Williams, and Andrei Chikatilo, the latter of whom may have consumed as many as 100 people, without his wife suspecting.

Other married serial killers include Harvey Carignan, Jerry Brudos, and serial child killer Marybeth Tinning. Many of the spouses of these criminals claim to not have known that their significant other was involved in vile and despicable criminal activities.

Though the crimes committed by these married murderers are appalling and horrendous, many are now behind bars, unable to commit further crimes.