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Someone Asked What It's Like To Be Married To A 'Karen,' And The Responses Did Not Disappoint

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Redditor /u/ThisOne_NotThisOne asked the question "Redditors who are married to Karens, how is it like?" and there were actually a lot of answers. Vote up the best ones below!

  • 1. Husband Goes To Pick Up Supplies Instead Of Her

    From Redditor /u/The_Turtle_Moves_13:

    My mom's a Karen. She is self aware she is a Karen my siblings and I send her memes about it. When my step dad divorced her last summer we were all amazed he lasted 17 years to be honest. None of us like going out with her it's terrible and my husband just straight up tells her no you aren't talking to the manager when we go in a place.

    I'll tell you guys a story my step told us; they are farmers and own a small beef and bee farm. They have a store they go to for bee supplies. The owner called my step dad and asked him to please be the one to pick up their stuff because his staff was tired of dealing with my mom. He is the only one who went to the store for the next 5 years.

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  • 2. Comes 15 Minutes Early To Warn The Staff

    From Redditor /u/bycomparison:

    My sister AND SIL are both Karen's. I will show up to restaurants 15 min early to warn them. I tell them if it's not done to their liking they WILL hear about it and they will make your shift hell. I'm just there as a warning.

    I used to work in restaurants and those people made life hell. I do what I can to help. Generally my drinks are better and we get a free appetizer as soon as those two tornados walk in all hell breaks loose. Not enough ice, table is too cold, it's too loud, etc. I also tip really big bci DON'T want to associated with the two tornados.

    I live overseas so I only see them 2 weeks out of the year. So it's manageable...

    I only put up with their attitude because they could take my nieces and nephews away from me...I need my n&n to know I'm always here for them and they can talk to me about anything. I can't risk our relationship being tampered with, especially since I only see them 2 weeks a year.

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  • 3. He Stood Up To Her Once

    From Redditor /u/ToastyToast1111:

    Not married to one, but my aunt is. My uncle is this soft spoken giant. He never stands up to her in any way. Except once.

    At their daughters wedding, she was about to interrupt the ceremony to close a window because she was chilly. Everyone sitting close could hear her whisper " Im going to do it, but I don't want to be an asshole." My uncle, in a calm quiet tone says quickly "why stop now?" Almost as if his filter just missed this one. I swear I could hear my dad snort two rows back trying to hold in laughter. Keren was not happy

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  • 4. Realized She Was A Bad Teacher

    From Redditor /u/throwawayyyyyprawn:

    Not married. 4 years of a toxic relationship though. I broke up with her on Monday, again. We're kinda f*cked financially because of this lockdown so we are just feeling things out for a month before we decide forsure. This cycle is on repeat.

    I constantly have to cut her off and speak over her because of the way she treats people. Waiters, sales assistants, gym staff, neighbours , landlords, randoms we meet in bars etc.

    Note: we were both waiters at the beginning of our relationship so she has worked in the industry, but still lacks empathy. She blames the waiter if something is out of stock etc.

    My second major issue. We are both English second language teachers. She teaches kindergarten, while I teach highschool. Now that we are working from home I hear how she speaks to her students and it's really opened up another aspect of her personality that I don't like. She will berate a student for not understanding instead of evaluating her ability to explain. Sh*tting on 3 year olds in their second language doesn't fly with me.

    A lot of her behaviour stems from a self defence mechanism due to insecurity, but that's not an excuse. She doesn't realise how mean she is to people, including myself.

    I'm a people pleaser that would rather sacrifice my own comfort than someone else's. She expects me to be an asshole to people because I'm a biggish guy with tattoos, I don't exactly look soft. It's toxic as hell, please help.

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