Marshall Eriksen’s Most Important Moments On ‘How I Met Your Mother’

While certain aspects of How I Met Your Mother haven't aged well, like the way Barney treats women and Ted's "nice guy" attitude, there is still a charm to the extremely talented main cast of the series. No character shines brighter on HIMYM than Jason Segel's Marshall Eriksen. The lovable giant from Minnesota is a constant source of glee throughout the show's nine seasons, and serves as the emotional crux for many of the series' most moving moments. Not to mention Marshall Eriksen's funny moments are a reliable comic relief, though the character as a whole has much more depth. 

Viewers have the privilege of watching Segel's character grow through several life-changing moments over the show's 200+ episodes, from low points like the dissipation of his original engagement to Lily and losing his father, to high points like his eventual marriage to Lily and the birth of their son. Marshall Eriksen's best moments are what make him an unquestionably all-time great sitcom character. 


  • Marshall Proposes To Lily

    Marshall Proposes To Lily
    Photo: CBS

    Season 1, episode 1: "Pilot"

    The 2005 pilot of How I Met Your Mother introduced all the important players and their roles: Barney Stinson and his love of suits; Ted Mosby and his existential fear of never finding "the one;" Robin and her resilient independence; and the undeniable love and chemistry between Marshall and Lily. Five minutes into the episode, Marshall proposes to Lily after several years of being together. 

    Being in the very first episode of the show, it's a memorable moment for fans as the pair christens their new engagement on the kitchen floor. Adding to the sitcom hilarity, Marshall hits Lily in the eye with the cork from the celebratory bottle of champagne.

  • Marshall’s Father Passes

    Marshall’s Father Passes
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    Season 6, episode 13: "Bad News" 

    Losing a parent is monumental in any person's life, and Marshall is no different in this regard. Upon hearing the news that his father has passed unexpectedly, the entire crew heads out to Minnesota for the funeral in the Season 6 episode "Last Words."

    In one of the series' most emotional scenes, Marshall finally listens to a voicemail that his father left him before he passed. Initially, he believes it to be nothing but a blank pocket-dial message from the man who was his "hero, teacher, and best friend," but it turns out the message is more than he thought. Near the end, Marshall's dad hops on to apologize for accidently dialing him, and his last words to his son are "I love you." That is if you ignore the bit about him asking for foot cream.

  • Marshall Passes The Bar

    Marshall Passes The Bar
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    Season 3, episode 8: "Spoiler Alert" 

    After spending years of his life studying, as well as thousands upon thousands of dollars on his education, Marshall is understandably stressed about passing the New York bar exam. How I Met Your Mother does a great job of showing what it is like to celebrate life's big moments with your closest friends, and Marshall waiting on his results is no exception. 

    Even though the crew spend the majority of the Season 3 episode "Spoiler Alert" arguing with one another, the group of friends come together at the end to celebrate Marshall passing the bar. It is a moment that reminds you that the power of friendship can thrive through anything. 

  • Marshall And Lily Get Married

    Marshall And Lily Get Married
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    Season 2, episode 21: "Something Borrowed"

    After powering through a called-off engagement, a momentary elopement, and many a wedding day fiasco - one including frosted tips and a partly shaved head - Marshall and Lily tie the knot in an intimate ceremony headed by none other than Barney himself. Luckily for them, the weather is nice, and the park setting is perfect for the outdoor wedding they initially wanted. Even Barney can't get through the rag-tag ceremony without tearing up.

    Though their wedding may not have gone the way they intended, it ends up being exactly the ceremony they wanted, with the people who know them best and love them more than anyone else.