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A Timeline Of Martha Stewart And Snoop Dogg’s Friendship

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From Abbott and Costello to Bert and Ernie, from Laurel and Hardy to Dorothy and Sophia, pop culture is full of famously endearing odd couples. But there is perhaps no stranger or more unexpected professional pairing than Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg. On paper, it sounds almost ludicrous: the doyenne of domesticity and one of the greatest rappers of all time (who happens to be a total pothead). But for some reason, it works, and it works splendidly.

Much of the duo's serendipitous relationship can be attributed to the way in which Stewart and Snoop seem to genuinely like and respect one another. They have a natural rapport that's more than a bit surprising, and their banter is playful, authentic, intelligent, and shockingly unforced. Sure, they're oil and water. But oil and water make a delicious salad dressing. And Stewart and Snoop are nothing if not delicious together.

  • November 2008: Snoop Appears On Stewart's Talk Show

    In November 2008, Snoop appeared on Stewart's self-titled talk show. They made mashed potatoes together and compared their preferred cooking techniques. They also discussed the differences between white and black pepper. Snoop took the opportunity to teach Martha his own language, affectionately termed Snoopguistics. Basically, it involves adding "izzle" onto words. For example, "fo shizzle" = "for sure." 

  • December 2009: The Duo Makes Special Brownies

    Snoop made an encore appearance on the Martha Stewart Show for the 2009 holiday season. He and Stewart baked brownies in a cooking segment. Snoop - because he's Snoop - made several not-so-veiled references to pot, suggesting they lace these brownies with a little ganja. To her credit, Stewart was not deterred and met him wisecrack for wisecrack. "When do we add the, umm...?" he asked. "Later," Stewart said, without missing a beat. "That's a secret." 

  • December 2010: Snoop Tries To Plan Prince William’s Bachelor Party With Stewart

    A year after their brownie caper, Snoop called on Stewart via social media to help him throw a bachelor party for Prince William. It was clearly a joke, but Snoop knows who the queen of tasteful entertaining is. "Hi, Sunshine," he tweeted at her. "[I] need some goodies for Prince William's bachelor party." Stewart never responded publicly. But knowing her, she probably sent him an autographed copy of one of her party books, as well as a list of Martha-approved canapes and crudités. 

  • March 2014: Martha Says She Wishes They Were Closer On A Reddit AMA

    In the early 2010s, Stewart and Snoop had no public appearances together. But Stewart did a Reddit AMA in 2014 where she was asked about her friendship with Snoop. "I wish I were closer friends with Snoop Dogg," she said. She also revealed she had never tasted his cookie recipes. She did, however, implore Snoop to join the AMA, enticing him with, "I have brownies for you!"