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Small Details Fans Noticed From Martin Scorsese Movies

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Since the early 1970s, Martin Scorsese has been one of the most critically acclaimed, awarded, and recognizable film directors in the entertainment industry. Early success with films like Mean Streets and Taxi Driver paved the way for a decades-long career with blockbuster hits like Raging Bull, Goodfellas, and The Departed. But beyond the gritty violence and A-list acting talent that define many of his films, Scorsese has always been a master of small details. From his many cameo appearances to production design choices to symbolic shot selection, Scorsese's films are peppered with hidden information that most viewers don't catch on their first watch. On this list, keep a close eye out for some of the most ingenious small details to go unnoticed in the work of Martin Scorsese.

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    Mama Scorsese In 'Goodfellas'

    From Redditor /u/ShanksAkagami9:

    In Goodfellas (1990), Tommy DeVito's (Joe Pesci) mom is portrayed by Martin Scorsese's mom.

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    Part Of 'Wolf Of Wall Street' Was Shot On An iPhone

    From Redditor /u/mediumhydroncollider:

    The Wolf of Wall Street features a brief shot filmed on an iPhone. Scorsese needed a shot of the "fasten your seat belt" sign for the aeroplane scene. Robert Legato, the effects supervisor, took a video of one during a flight on his iPhone and showed Scorsese who said "Great. Let's just use that."

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    Original Actors Make Cameos In 'Cape Fear'

    From Redditor /u/Str33twise84:

    Robert Mitchum and Gregory Peck who played Max Cady and Sam Bowden in Cape Fear (1962) have cameos in Martin Scorsese’s remake (1991). In a role reversal of sorts Mitchum plays a police lieutenant who tries to help Sam (Nick Nolte) and Peck plays a sleazy lawyer who represents Max (Robert De Niro).

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    DiCaprio Looks To Scorsese For Approval In 'The Wolf of Wall Street'

    From Redditor /u/thecruiser_:

    The classic "Hmm Hmm" scene in The Wolf of Wall Street where Matthew McConaughey teaches Leonardo Di Caprio to Hmm was an improvised scene. Here Di Caprio is said to be looking at Martin Scorsese for approval.