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Notably Awful CGI In MCU Movies

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The MCU is one of the biggest film franchises of the last decade, and the innovative storytelling that comes with adapting Marvel comics' beloved characters for the big screen is both entertaining and impressive. And though films like Spier-Man: Homecoming and Avengers: Endgame display quality visual effects, there is still plenty of bad CGI in Marvel movies. 

Black Panther has perhaps the worst CGI in Marvel movies, as evidenced by the computer generated battle between T'Challa and Killmonger. The Incredible Hulk also displays some unconvincing CGI, with a villain who seems ripped straight from a video game. 

No one would accuse Marvel of having the worst visual effects in superhero movies, but the scheduling and budgetary demands of its multi-hero franchises have sometimes shortchanged the studio's films. For example, the VFX team for Thor: Ragnarok had to turn a New York alleyway into a Norwegian cliff side in eight weeks. And though Iron Man's highly anticipated nano armor in Infinity War isn't the most convincing effect, it's also true that Marvel fans have high expectations.  

The MCU generally delivers spectacular special effects along with entertaining narratives. That's what makes the worst CGI in Marvel movies too distracting to ignore.

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    The Abomination In 'The Incredible Hulk'

    2008's The Incredible Hulk stars Edward Norton as the titular character foiled by Emil Blonsky as the Abomination. Though the film has its fair share of ups and down regarding the overall narrative, the most distracting issue is the less-than-stellar visual effects which make both Hulk and the Abomination "look like video game avatars" as Don Kaye from Syfy Wire so eloquently puts it. 

    Though The Incredible Hulk is a visual improvement from Lou Ferrigno's TV Hulk in the 1970s, the Abomination appears overdone, almost animated, making it difficult for audiences to really involve themselves in the climatic action around which the story is formulated. An earlier scene, in which a pre-Abomination Blonsky checks out his new muscles, is almost enough to make viewers check out entirely.

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    Goose In Zero Gravity In 'Captain Marvel'

    VFX supervisor Chris Townsend revealed that not only did four different cats act in the role of Captain Marvel's Goose, but 70% of Goose's scenes were CGI. One of those entirely CG moments is Goose floating in zero gravity. Not that you probably had to be told.

    Given that cats can't actually float at will, the audience is predisposed to the notion that the Goose we see with outstretched limbs is a computer generated model. And yet, even with the benefit of the doubt, any cat owner will tell you there's nothing about the weightless feline that looks believable. Then again, Goose is a Flerken, not a cat, so perhaps she's perfectly on model.

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    The Rhinos In 'Black Panther'

    Much of Black Panther was created using computer generated effects. Given Wakanda's technological advancements, CGI is an important tool to have. Method Studio is responsible for "407 shots including [the] creation of 3,600 square km digital environment, along with suits and digital doubles for Black Panther and Killmonger," meaning they were heavily involved in creating any CG characters and gadgets, including the Rhino warriors Wakandan soldiers ride into battle. 

    As cute as the CG creatures are, they are also about as realistic as Disney's live-action Dumbo

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    Bucky Falling From The Train In 'Captain America: The First Avenger'

    Granted, Captain America: The First Avenger was released in 2011, so it's no surprise the visual effects are not on par with say, Endgame's final battle. That said, the scene in which Bucky falls to his apparent demise loses some emotional punch because of its terrible graphics. 

    In the scene, Cap and Bucky are battling the Red Skull's forces on a train when a compartment wall is blown off. Bucky goes flying, and Cap jumps out after his best friend - too late to save him. Bucky falls into the gorge below - but he appears to be lying on his back rather than plunging to his doom. 

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