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How Marvel Characters Meet Their End In Infinity War (According to the Comics)

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Fans of Marvel Studios are desperate to avoid spoilers, but that didn't stop them from wildly speculating about who would meet their end in Avengers: Infinity War. Fans came to grips with the fact that there would be some - potentially many - sad moments in the movie. In order to prepare themselves mentally for the horrors sure to come when Thanos arrived on Earth, some long-time Marvelites scoured the company’s publishing history, attempting to glean possible indicators of the future from the large number of comic events from years past.


Marvel superheroes do tend to expire fairly frequently in the pages of the comic books (only to return a year or two later), so there was no shortage of potential storylines for Marvel Studios to borrow from. Knowing how a particular Avenger met their doom in the comics didn't make it any easier to experience on the big screen, but it at least gave fans some idea of what happened before seeing the film.