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13 Comic Book Characters That Became Way More Popular Because Of The MCU

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Before the dawn of the MCU, DC had about 10 times the number of household names as its esteemed competition at Marvel. With the launch of Iron Man in 2008, however, the Marvel characters saw their fanbase increase tenfold. The characters who gained popularity took it back with them to the world of comics. 

The MCU simply wasn't afraid to use obscure characters. In some cases, as with the Guardians of the Galaxy, these characters were heroes who were featured at one time and then put to the side. In any case, when fans latched onto certain characters from the films, they expected to see them when they eventually made the jump to the world of comics - so it was up to Marvel to figure out a way to shoehorn those characters back into its publishing schedule. In some cases, massive changes were made in order to match the film universe

The following is a collection of characters who saw the most significant benefits in the world of comics following their newfound Hollywood fame. Vote up the characters that deserve all the new popularity that's come their way.