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Your Favorite Marvel Characters: Where Are They Now?

Marvel Comics has a celebrated 75+ year history in the comic book industry, having brought readers characters that have survived decades of stories. Over the course of those many decades, your favorite Marvel characters have gone through countless changes and survived many dramatic storylines. So where are the top Marvel Comics characters today? Take a look back on these characters' long history and how they got to where they are in the Marvel Universe today.

Every single character in comics goes through rapid changes, with each comics writer who's brought on to a title bringing with him or her a whole new vision as to where these heroes and villains are going. Especially with the big, landmark, multi-title event books, the idea of a status quo or any kind of consistency is laughable.

Since the start of their comic book origins, you probably didn't know that Spider-Man died, and then came back, or that that Wolverine just kicked the bucket himself. The goody-two-shoes Cyclops has now become full fledged mutant terrorist. Hulk has become even meaner as Kluh. Thor is now a woman. Steve Rogers even lost his Super-Solider Serum, having him age rapidly, and having him to recruit a new Captain America. 

All this and more Marvel characters updates are below. So catch up with all of your favorite comic book characters by taking a look back at where they began, what madness they went through in the middle, and a check in on where they are now. Where are your favorite Marvel characters in their current stories? Click through to find out!