Wildly Convincing Marvel Comic Books Fan Theories

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Vote up the fan theories about Marvel Comics that make you think twice about its veracity.

The internet is rife with fan theories about the movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as any Google search will prove, but tracking down fan theories about Marvel Comics themselves is a little trickier. It makes sense that there would be plenty of Marvel Comics fan theories out there, given that fans have had over half a century to come up with them, but the extreme popularity of the MCU has helped obscure their online presence. However, if you know where to look, you can find more than a few convincing conspiracies about what’s really going on in the pages of all Marvel publications.

Decades of plot twists have left more than a handful of Marvel Comics mysteries out there, just begging to be solved. Fans have stepped in to provide what they feel are adequate answers. As it is with any fandom, most Marvel fan theories are complete bologna pulled directly from their creator’s lower digestive tract. However, there are a rare few that provide enough evidence and reasoning to make even the most seasoned comic book reader cock their eyebrow with intrigue. Check out the fan theories about Marvel Comics below and vote up the ones that just might be true. 


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    Captain America Is Owed Some Serious Back Pay

    Sometimes, fan theories are a matter of “doing the math,” and that’s exactly what Reddit user anon33249038 did. The Redditor wondered just how much backpay the US Armed Forces might owe Captain America, being that he never really left active service and had technically been serving for over 70 years continuously.

    That user calculated the backpay at around $3 million based on quarterly payments, but a spokesman of the actual US Army pointed out that they would actually owe Cap a lot more money than that because it would actually be monthly payments. 

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    Spider-Man’s Spider Sense Draws Him To Danger

    Why is it that Spider-Man seems to find himself in the middle of more dangerous situations than the rest of the New York vigilantes combined? His Spider Sense might be the answer. On the surface, Spidey’s sixth sense lets him know when danger is imminent, allowing him to react with impossible quickness.

    However, Reddit user JeffRyan1 thinks that the Spider Sense might also be working on a subconscious level, drawing Spider-Man towards the danger it detects so that he can constantly be fighting to keep the city safe. It would explain Spidey’s exhausting crimefighting schedule!

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    The Beyonders Are Marvel’s Corporate Powers

    The Beyonders are one of the most interesting alien races in the history of the Marvel Universe. Originally, there was only one Beyonder, and he was powerful enough to warp reality in order to hold an ultimate contest between the powers of good and evil for his own amusement. Later on, it was discovered that there was an entire race of Beyonders, and that they had created the Marvel multiverse. Unfortunately, they also wanted to destroy it because they had grown tired with it.

    Reddit user seer358 thinks this sounds familiar, and suspects that the Beyonders are actually a clever metaphor for the corporate powers that be at Marvel Publishing. Corporate interests are constantly demanding that comic book universes be rebooted and made fresh, with no regard for the continuity that came before, just like how the Beyonders want to destroy everything and start all over again. 

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    Mjolnir Is Sentient

    Thor’s mystical hammer, Mjolnir, is one of the most interesting objects in the Marvel Universe. It appears to operate with some level of sentience, given that it chooses which individuals are worthy enough to wield its might. Recently, the hammer has been acting even more sentient than usual, as it aids the new Thor, Jane Foster, while she learns the Asgardian ropes.

    This led user WaxHawk on the ComicBookResources forums to speculate that Mjolnir is sentient and is trying to live up to the wishes of its previous owner, Thor, after he has deemed himself unworthy. The two characters to pick up the hammer since Thor dropped it - Jane and Captain America - are both people Thor highly respects.