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The internet is rife with fan theories about the movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as any Google search will prove, but tracking down fan theories about Marvel Comics themselves is a little trickier. It makes sense that there would be plenty of Marvel Comics fan theories out there, given that fans have had over half a century to come up with them, but the extreme popularity of the MCU has helped obscure their online presence. However, if you know where to look, you can find more than a few convincing conspiracies about what’s really going on in the pages of all Marvel publications.

Decades of plot twists have left more than a handful of Marvel Comics mysteries out there, just begging to be solved. Fans have stepped in to provide what they feel are adequate answers. As it is with any fandom, most Marvel fan theories are complete bologna pulled directly from their creator’s lower digestive tract. However, there are a rare few that provide enough evidence and reasoning to make even the most seasoned comic book reader cock their eyebrow with intrigue. Check out the fan theories about Marvel Comics below and vote up the ones that just might be true. 

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Wolverine And Sabretooth Are Related

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That Wolverine and Sabretooth are related in some way seems like an obvious theory for fans to come up with. They’re both quite old, have similar mutant abilities, and share an intertwined and mysterious past that stretches back more than a century. Theories have ranged from Wolverine and Sabretooth being brothers to Sabretooth being Wolverine’s father, which seems to be the originally intended storyline as discovered by CBR’s Brian Cronin. In fact, the comics would eventually reveal that Sabretooth was Logan’s dad, before retconning that and declaring once and for all that the two are not related in any way.

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Franklin Richards And The Sliding Timescale

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Have you ever wondered why nobody in the Marvel Universe seems to age? Interestingly enough, at one point, Marvel characters aged in relative real-time, with Peter Parker going through high school and then college before suddenly becoming trapped in his early '20s. In fact, almost all Marvel characters found their ages suddenly stationary after 1968, which just so happened to be the first appearance of Franklin Richards, the son of Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman.

Coincidence? Perhaps not. Franklin ended up being an enormously powerful mutant with reality warping abilities, and some, like the fine folks over at the website, “Fantastic Four (1961-1989): The Great American Novel,” theorize that Franklin’s abilities are either consciously or subconsciously causing the “sliding” of Marvel’s timescale.

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Who Is The Third Summers Brother?

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It was quite the revelation when X-Men fans discovered that Cyclops had a secret younger brother, Havok, so speculation was obviously intense when Mr. Sinister hinted that the Summers brothers might have an additional sibling. Popular theories included Gambit being the third Summers brother, but a more plausible outcome was that Adam X the X-Treme, the most ‘90s character ever, was the missing mutant.

In fact, ComicBookResources’ Brian Cronin did some behind-the-scenes sleuthing and figured out that Adam X was actually intended to be a Summers brother, but his overwhelming unpopularity convinced Marvel to go in a different direction. A newly invented character, Vulcan, was eventually revealed as the third brother, although fans still speculate that there’s more to the story. 

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Marvel And DC Are Building Up To A New Crossover

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Some fan theories skip the past and instead speculate about the future of the Marvel Universe. There are few possibilities more exciting for comic book fans than the prospect of Marvel attempting another crossover event with DC Comics, something that has seemed impossible in recent decades. The two companies have built up quite the competitive rivalry, but similar themes in their recent Secret Wars and Rebirth events led Reddit user cole1114 to speculate that they’re building up to another crossover.

Both the Marvel and the DC universes have been manipulated by mysterious external forces in recent years, and its heavily hinted in DC’s Rebirth that the force is Watchmen’s Doctor Manhattan. Could the big blue god also be messing with Marvel? Only time will tell.