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Marvel Comics Almost Destroyed Themselves In The '90s - And It Took Years To Recover

These days, Marvel Comics is one of the most successful and prolific media companies around, but it wasn't always that way. Marvel Comics in the '90s was one wrong move from shutting its doors forever, even going so far as to file for bankruptcy and reorganize as a means of keeping the financial wolves at bay. It's well-known that the company was forced to sell off the film rights to some of its most iconic characters, but Marvel didn't find itself in financial ruin by accident - quite a few factors went into the company's decline over the years.

The reasons Marvel Comics went bankrupt are extensive, but the company still found a way to bounce back. By 2008, the company launched their film studio, and after 20 blockbuster hits, Marvel has bounced back. In 2009, the company was purchased by Disney for a cool $4 billion, which the House of Mouse earned back rather quickly. It's crazy to think that such a successful media empire almost went belly up, but if the events of the '90s hadn't taken place, there likely wouldn't be an MCU accompanied by incredible comic book sales and new and exciting characters.