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Comic Book Facts About Mjolnir That The MCU Left Out

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Mjolnir is up there with Captain America's shield as one of the most iconic Marvel weapons of all time. And thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor's hammer has become even more recognizable than ever, and everyone know that it's a big deal to be worthy enough to lift it. Even with all its notoriety, there's plenty that movie fans could learn about the magical hammer, since the MCU has left out or forgotten to mention some of Mjolnir's wildest comic book powers.

The Mjolnir of Marvel Comics can tear through the fabric of reality, translate every language in the universe, and houses what remains of the sentient cosmic storm known as the God Tempest. It can also show off a trippy array of unexpected abilities to keep villains on their toes. Let's hop into the Mjolnir powers that have, thus far, been left out of the MCU.

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    It's A Universal Translator

    Throughout the pages of Marvel Comics, all Asgardians can speak to any being from any corner of the galaxy thanks to the "Allspeak." This Asgardian ability acts as a two-way universal translator of sorts allowing for direct conversation no matter where Thor goes.

    Mjolnir also imparts the "Allspeak" ability, meaning whoever wields the hammer can also speak to pretty much anybody, anywhere. This hasn't been much of an issue in the MCU since nearly every alien race apparently speaks English quite easily.

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    It Houses What Is Left Of A Sentient Cosmic Storm Called The God Tempest

    With Jason Aaron's "Untold Origin of Mjolnir" story housed in 2016's The Mighty Thor #12, readers got a peek at the creation of Thor's famed hammer. As it turns out, eons before present-day Marvel Comics, Odin fought a powerful, sentient storm known as the God Tempest and eventually trapped it inside a chunk of Uru metal.

    Just how powerful was the God Tempest that is directly responsible for the might of Mjolnir? "Its winds blew comets off course, ripped worlds from their orbit, and snuffed out stars like flickering candles. Its lightning left clouds of dust where once were moons. Its thunder made even black holes tremble." That sounds pretty powerful to us.

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    Thor Can Use Mjolnir To Transform Into A Human

    For years and years, Thor Odinson had a secret human identity known as Dr. Donald Blake - there is even a reference to this alter ego in the first Thor movie - but this wasn't a situation where the God of Thunder pretended to be a human. No, thanks to Mjolnir, Thor actually turned from a superpowered Asgardian into a human being. 

    Eventually, this little quirk of the Thor comics went by the wayside as Thor no longer needed a human disguise. A more interesting version of this scenario came when Jane Foster became the Mighty Thor in 2014's Thor #1 while she was fighting cancer. She used Mjolnir's transformative abilities to stall the spread of her condition and also keep her superpowered exploits secret.

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    If You're Worthy, You Get All Of Thor's Powers, Not Just The Hammer

    When Captain America ended up wielding Thor's hammer during the climax of Avengers: Endgame, moviegoers were treated to one of the greatest fan-service moments in recent cinematic memory. But it isn't like we actually got to see Steve Rogers decked out in a winged hat and red cape, flying around the battlefield, as is commonplace in the comics.

    You see, when a character is deemed worthy of lifting Mjolnir, they are granted all of the powers of Thor, not just the hammer. When a cancer-ridden Jane Foster became the new Thor in the mid-2010s, she wasn't just a frail woman lugging around a hammer. No, she turned into a powerful Asgardian version of herself that could stand toe-to-toe with the real Thor on his best day.

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