Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About The Dark Avengers

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Ever since the MCU's Phase 3 came to an end with Avengers: Endgame, people online have been talking about the Dark Avengers. For fans of the films who haven't read the comics, this organization is mysterious, leading many to wonder what it is. In short, it's the evil Avengers, but it's so much more than that. The group's founding came at a turbulent time in the Marvel Comics universe, and it's beginning to look like the MCU's Phase 4 will follow suit with the introduction of several members of the Dark Avengers.

Because there are so many fans of the characters and events of the Marvel Cinematic Universe who aren't also avid comic book readers, there are plenty of things you (probably) didn't know about the Dark Avengers. This list highlights all you need to know about the group from the comics so you can be ready when they start to show up in the movies. Take a look down below, and if you learn something about the Dark Avengers that surprises you, be sure to give it an upvote before you go!

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    They Killed Ares By Tearing Him In Half

    With Sentry on the team, Norman Osborn had the most powerful being in the universe on his side, and Sentry was more than willing to comply with Osborn's directions. When the team took part in the Siege on Asgard, Ares, the Greek God of War (and some of the biggest muscle on the Dark Avengers), realized that Osborn had been full of it all along. He turned against his former teammates, intent on killing Osborn, who was only interested in increasing his own power. When he did this, he was met by Sentry.

    To be clear, in the Marvel Universe, Ares is one of the most powerful beings out there. He's the God of War, so you have to imagine he has a lot of power. Compared to Sentry, though, he's barely a blip on the radar. The two got into a fight, but at that point, the Void had been unlocked in the Sentry, and the combined power was far too much for Ares to handle. The Sentry managed to literally rip him in half. He didn't do it by cutting through his torso or anything - he messily bifurcated the Greek god from top to bottom.

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    The Dark Avengers Is The Brainchild Of Norman Osborn

    Believe it or not, Norman Osborn, otherwise known as the Green Goblin and one of Spider-Man's greatest enemies, is the man behind the Dark Avengers. Not only that, but he put the team together in front of the world. Over the many decades Spider-Man has been swinging about the Marvel Universe, Osborn has gone through some changes, many of which appeared to stabilize his legitimacy - his founding of the Dark Avengers being one of the latest.

    Osborn wasn't just the founder of the Dark Avengers; he was also the group's leader. He created the team after he was appointed as the new head of S.H.I.E.L.D., and he used his influence and power to put the team together. When he did, the public saw him and his crew as heroes, but that would ultimately change. The Dark Avengers did many villainous things under Osborn's command, including fighting against the X-Men and the real Avengers on more than one occasion.

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    The Team Consists Of Supervillains Posing As Established Heroes

    The Dark Avengers weren't called the "Dark" Avengers out in public for obvious reasons. The whole point of creating the team was to fool the public into believing it consisted entirely of heroes. To that end, the roster included members who effectively cosplayed as their more heroic counterparts. Osborn's initial roster included the following bad guys:

    • Marvel Boy as Captain Marvel
    • Moonstone as Ms. Marvel
    • Venom as Spider-Man
    • Bullseye as Hawkeye
    • Daken as Wolverine

    Osborn also managed to recruit Sentry and Ares to the team. He tapped Ghost to help him construct a suit of armor based on Tony Stark's Iron Man tech, which he stylized after Captain America's costume, dubbing himself "Iron Patriot." The team stuck around for longer than any hero would have liked, and it included additional members over the years. Still, it was the first roster that fooled the world.

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    The Team Was Around For Four Years Before It Was Destroyed

    The Dark Avengers were first introduced to the Marvel Universe in 2009, and the team made a significant impact. The team's first iteration managed to sow disorder and chaos across the planet, killing enemies (heroes) and destabilizing organizations as much as possible. This helped the team's founder, Norman Osborn, and it also benefited the bad guys. On the other hand, the heroes didn't have much of a good time, as most of them were either slain or they had to go underground to avoid prosecution by the villains pretending to be them.

    The first team came to an end after the fateful Siege of Asgard, which saw the capture of most of the members, as well as the deaths of the Sentry, Ares, and Loki. It wasn't long before Osborn was freed, and he managed to rebuild his team once more. The new Dark Avengers got up to the same old tricks as the first iteration, and they caused a great deal of damage all over. Eventually, this team was also taken down. While they managed to remain in action for a while, the Dark Avengers only managed to remain in existence for about four years before they were finally dismantled.

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    The Team's First Mission Was To Restore Latveria To Doctor Doom

    Once Norman Osborn managed to get his team together, it was time for them to go on their first mission. What might a team of bad guys pretending to be heroes do with their time? They helped a European monarch reclaim his lands, which sounds heroic until you learn that the monarch was none other than Victor von Doom and his lands were Latveria. Who better to help out with their first mission than one of the world's most dangerous supervillains?

    Of course, Doctor Doom and Norman Osborn were longtime allies, and the Latverian leader was a member of Osborn's Cabal, so it makes sense that he would take his Dark Avengers to Latveria to help him out. At the time, Doom's forces were under assault by the demon hordes of Morgan Le Fay. The team shows up, Sentry tears off Le Fay's head, and the Sentry disappears. It all had to do with some time travel shenanigans, so the team used Doom's time machine to travel to the past to defeat Le Fay there. They were successful, and the team had proven itself in battle.

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    They Killed The Punisher... Brutally

    When Norman Osborn rose to power, he targeted the people he believed would be able to challenge him, and one of the first on that list was Frank Castle, AKA the Punisher. Castle had a proven track record of being able to skirt the law and take out his targets; he also snuck into the Baxter Building under Reed Richards's nose, so Osborn wasn't going to take any chances with the Punisher. He sent Daken - who was masquerading as Wolverine - after the former Marine, and their fight was brutal.

    The Punisher may be fierce, but he doesn't have much of a chance against the claws of Daken. Still, he tried to fight the man, but it wasn't in the cards. Daken's assault was, in a word, brutal, and Castle couldn't keep up. In the end, he wasn't able to fend off the villain, and Daken literally tore him to pieces. Comics being what they are, the Punisher wasn't permanently gone, and he later resurfaced, but for a while, the man was dead, and he did not perish peacefully.

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