20 Pieces Of Outstanding Disney/Marvel Mashup Fan Art

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Ever since Disney bought the rights to Marvel, you've been dying to see some sort of sweet, sweet mashup of character universes. Well, hypothetical geek-culture fan, you're in luck! These artists made mashup dreams come true through their astounding fan artwork of Marvel and Disney characters combined. They cross worlds to bring stunning recreations of two different fandoms to life, with Disney characters reimagined as Marvel heroes, Marvel comics characters as Disney characters, and even some treats in-between! Talent abounds in these pictures, so whether you're looking for a geeky fix or you're searching for some artistic inspiration, this Marvel Disney mashup fan art have you covered!

With limitless mediums and a plethora of colorful and original Disney and Marvel characters to choose from, these mashup artists grabbed their pens, pencils, and digital art tablets and took to the drawing board to show off their skills. Perhaps they'll even inspire a Marvel/Disney mashup of their own. Disney, as seen in Kingdom Hearts, makes a fantastic crossover partner.