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This Artist Turned Your Favorite Marvel Characters Into Adorable Puppers

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What's the only way that the superheroes of Marvel Comics could possibly be any cooler, any mightier, any more mega-heroic? If they were dogs, obviously. With comic book characters this popular, the only place left to go is the pound. Seeing Iron Man repulsor-blast bad guys never gets old, sure, but can you even imagine how much more entertaining an Avengers movie would be if Tony Stark were a Chihuahua?

How about the Incredible Hulk as a Gamma-irradiated English Bulldog? Or Thor as a Golden Retriever? These are just a few of the canine superheroes whipped up by illustrator and art director Josh Lynch for his adorable and endlessly amusing collection "DOTMU: Dogs of the Marvel Universe."

Lynch's paintings lovingly recreate Earth's Mightiest Heroes, only even cuter. We know the Marvel Cinematic Universe is planned out for the next several years, but when Robert Downey Jr. finally hangs up his iron spurs, maybe his replacement doesn't need to be human. The next round of reboots could just as well bring us canine superheroes. Every dog has his day, after all.

Vote up your favorite Marvel Dogs in the slideshow below! With enough votes, maybe Marvel will get the message, and we'll see Slobberine and the X-Mutts in comic book stores multiplexes by next summer.

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    Thor the Asdogian

    Photo: Josh Lynch
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    The Pupisher

    Photo: Josh Lynch
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    The Incredible Hound

    Photo: Josh Lynch
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    Mr. Fetchtastic

    Photo: Josh Lynch
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