Marvel Fans Are Trolling Jared Leto's 'Morbius' Like It's Their Job, And It Is Pure Chaos

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Vote up the 'Morbius' memes and tweets that go straight for the jugular.

On Aril 1, 2022, Sony's Morbius opened in theaters (after many delays) to a reception that studio execs were perhaps not exactly expecting. With a Rotten Tomatoes score hovering under 20% (though the audience score was well above 60%), word of mouth on the long-awaited Marvel vamp pic was a bit biting.

Over Morbius's opening weekend, Marvel fans, cinefiles, and general miscreants with a love of chaos took to social media to troll the Sony pic for all it was worth, using the hashtag #MorbiusSweep to spread their clamor. Using fake Rotten Tomatoes scores, faux reviews, and exaggerated box office numbers, these pranksters took every opportunity available to create bedlam - and comedy. 

Vote up the best tweets and memes that poke fun at Sony's vampy vampire release.

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    'Not That Bad...'


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    Working Together

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    'Morbius Fever'

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    The Perfect Arena

    The Perfect Arena
    Photo: @Car3lss / Twitter
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    Ready To Go


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