Marvel Heavy Hitters Who've Had Their Asses Handed to Them by Squirrel Girl

She's not a big name, but Squirrel Girl has defeated many of the most powerful Marvel characters. And why not? She has the powers of a squirrel and a girl! She has a knack for taking out some of the most powerful villains in the Marvel Universe. Time travelers, dark sorcerers, mutants, and beings of pure energy arise to challenge both heroes and villains, alike, and only one hero has risen to the occasion every single time. That's right, when Squirrel Girl battles a villain, she always wins. 

A young squirrel/lady mutant with the ability to communicate with rodents, Squirrel Girl first appeared among the Great Lakes Avengers and now has her own run of comics. Her list of victories is more than impressive - it's practically unreal. She's taken down the likes of Deadpool, Doctor Doom, Kraven the Hunter, and even Thanos, Destroyer of Worlds. 

While the spunky, positive Doreen Green doesn't always succeed in hiding her tail, she always aims to resolve conflicts with minimal violence in The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. That's even more impressive considering all the Squirrel Girl battles that cement her status as one of the toughest nuts to crack in the history of Marvel. So before she beats up the entire Marvel Universe, let's look at some of the most powerful characters Squirrel Girl has beaten thus far.