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Marvel Characters Who Really Should Have Action Figures

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Action figures are huge business. For decades, superheroes have been made into thousands of little opposable plastic toys for kids to recreate (and create) their own comic book adventures. With Marvel action figures, fans of all ages can launch Spider-Man, the X-Men, or even Squirrel Girl on adventures right in their living rooms? What's that? There's never been a Squirrel Girl figure?

Sure, there are hundreds of comic book action figures of all shapes and sizes (and with the mainstream heroes, more variants than you can imagine). But there are still plenty more heroes and villains who deserve their time in the plastic limelight. Beloved heroes, especially female ones, have been overlooked for whatever reason. That's why we've listed 15 Marvel Comics characters who deserve action figures, yet have never received toys of their own.

These are the most iconic Marvel characters without a toys. Every one of these comic book heroes and villains should have an action figure of their own, but your votes will settle just which ones the fans demand the most. Vote up the characters you most want to buy figures of and vote down the ones that would be a waste of plastic!
  • X-23 Wolverine
    Photo: Marvel Comics
    X-23 is one of the coolest mutants introduced in the last decade. As such, she has had a couple figures in her traditional suit and X-Force costume. But times they are a-changing, she's about to be our the new (and only) Wolverine in Marvel Comics! Why not have an action figure reflecting her new status?
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    Spider Gwen

    Spider Gwen
    Photo: flickr / CC0
    Spider-Gwen. How are there not a dozen toys about this character? She's easily Marvel's biggest new character. Seemingly every issue she's been in has put up record numbers. Her costume has sold out in stores and she's inspired tons of new Marvel fashion. But still no action figure? That needs to change ASAP.
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  • Sif
    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY
    She's been in both Thor movies and appeared on Agents of SHIELD. She's a staple of the comics. The one place she hasn't been? Your local toy store.
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  • The comic Alias made writer Brian Michael Bendis into a star and catapulted Jessica Jones - an unknown new character - to Avengers status. She's about to get the same treatment on TV with her own Netflix series. What better time to introduce a Jones action figure?
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