Which Movie In The Marvel Cinematic Universe Has The Best Action?

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Vote up the Marvel films you think have the most well-executed action scenes. 

If there's one thing Marvel movies are known for (aside from their humor and charming characters), it's their incredible action sequences - but which one takes the trophy for best action? 

Did watching Thor bring down Stormbreaker on Thanos's army in Infinity War send shivers down your spine? Maybe watching Iron Man and Captain America going head to head in Civil War put you on the edge of your seat. Or perhaps that incredible bus sequence from Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings made your heart pound even harder than our hero's. 

Whatever your choice, vote up your favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe movies with the best action, and for more MCU rankings, be sure to also check out The Greatest Final Battles In Marvel Movies and The Most Selfless Acts Of Heroism In The MCU.

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