The Midnight Sons Are The Spookiest Marvel Superhero Team You've Never Heard Of

For some, the title of the latest Marvel video game adventure, Midnight Suns, came out of left field. For those well-versed in comic book lore, however, it was an obvious allusion to Marvel’s Midnight Sons, one of the spookiest collections of superheroes ever featured on the printed page.

Whenever some sort of supernatural threat to the Marvel Universe occurs, someone will draw together a team of Midnight Sons to address it. Their number is always nine, their bond is a magical one, and they may have been getting together for a lot longer than anyone realizes. In the past, individuals as diverse as Doctor Strange, Wong, and Morbius the Living Vampire have called forth the Midnight Sons - and they almost certainly won’t be the last.

Superheroes can often be a monstrous bunch, but the Midnight Sons stand out from the crowd with several of their members being actual monsters and demons. Sometimes, it’s best to fight hellfire with hellfire. 

  • Who Is He? As the reigning Sorcerer Supreme, if Stephen Strange isn’t the most powerful magic user in the Marvel Universe, he’s certainly the most famous. The former surgeon turned master of the mystic arts is responsible for keeping this reality safe from supernatural threats.

    What Does He Bring To The Sons? In addition to his seemingly endless supply of spells and incantations, Strange also brings some serious leadership and organizational skill to the table for the Midnight Sons. He’s usually both in charge and the team’s most powerful member, making him the definitive face of the unofficial squad.

    Biggest Midnight Sons Moment: Strange has brought the team together on multiple occasions. He summoned forth the first modern collection of “The Nine” to battle the forces of Lilith - a successful mission against a primordial force. He also got the Midnight Sons together to face the demon Zarathos. On one occasion, the Midnight Sons were even brought together to handle the threat of Strange himself, who had become corrupted by Mephisto.

  • Who Is He? Wong is often unfairly thought of as Doctor Strange’s sidekick, but he’s much more than that. While he is exceptionally dedicated to his service of the Sorcerer Supreme and the Sanctum Sanctorum, Wong is also an incredibly capable sorcerer in his own right - one of the best in the Marvel Universe, in fact.

    What Does He Bring To The Sons? Wong is a warrior-sorcerer, as adept with a spell or a potion as he is with his own well-trained hands. Wong’s knowledge of the mystic arts is equal to that of Strange, but Wong also brings a more levelheaded approach to the magic game, lending the Midnight Sons a more conservative perspective on their missions. 

    Biggest Midnight Sons Moment: Given Strange’s involvement with the Midnight Sons, it’s no surprise that Wong has frequently been called to be a member of the Nine. However, on one particular occasion, a demonically possessed Strange was the threat in question, and in that instance, Wong took over as the team’s leader, calling forth a new collection of spooky heroes to rescue his friend from damnation. 

  • Who Is He? As Eric Brooks was born, his mother was bitten and transformed by a vampire, leaving young Eric as a daywalking half-vampire with a serious hankering for revenge. He grew up to become Blade the Vampire Hunter, a being with all the strengths and powers of a vampire, but none of the drawbacks. 

    What Does He Bring To The Sons? Blade has been dedicated to hunting down supernatural threats from a very young age. In fact, it’s basically all he ever does, exchanging the usual trappings and distractions of a superhero for a life spent in the darkest shadows of the Marvel Universe. In other words, he brings experience, ruthlessness, and well-honed deadly capability to the Midnight Sons. He usually also brings his whole vamp-hunting mini-club, the Nightstalkers, with him.

    Biggest Midnight Sons Moment: Blade has oft been called to join the Midnight Sons, especially when they’re faced with a vampire uprising - though he doesn’t mind mixing it up a bit and destroying other kinds of monsters on occasion. Once, the mystical Darkhold text turned Blade into “Switchblade,” and the Sons had to come together to fight him, but fortunately, they were able to reverse the curse before it became a permanent affliction. 

  • Who Is He? Jericho Drumm studied medicine in the United States and became a doctor, but returned to his native Haiti when he learned that his brother, a houngan, was dying. Daniel Drumm urged Jericho to take up the voodoo practice, and Jericho flourished, eventually being bound with Daniel’s deceased spirit to complete Brother Voodoo. He later switched to Doctor Voodoo, in recognition of his former career.

    What Does He Bring To The Sons? Aside from Doctor Strange, Loki, and (technically) Merlin, Doctor Voodoo is the only living person to have served as the Sorcerer Supreme, so that should stand as a strong testament to his mastery of the mystic arts. While his magic is different from Strange’s, it’s no less powerful - and given its nature, it’s even more suited to dealing with dead and demonic threats, which is perfect for the Midnight Sons.  

    Biggest Midnight Sons Moment: When Stephen Strange was bested by Mephisto at a Las Vegas blackjack table and got turned into a demon-possessed Ghost Rider for his hubris, Wong didn’t have many options available to him in assembling a Midnight Sons roster to handle the situation. But he did have a former Sorcerer Supreme on call in Drumm, who played a big role in getting Strange de-demonized and Las Vegas back to relative normal. 

  • Who Is He? At first, Ted Sallis just seemed to be a biochemical genius who fell into a toxic bog and turned into a marsh monster, as one does. But the Man-Thing soon discovered that he was destined for a greater destiny as the guardian of the Nexus of All Realities, which is exactly what it sounds like. 

    What Does He Bring To The Sons? One of Man-Thing’s earliest allies was the witch Jennifer Kale, and she got him involved in all sorts of fracases with nether-spawn. His super-strength, plant-life control, and hands that burn anyone who feels fear might not seem well-suited for such adventures, but Man-Thing’s ability to open and close inter-dimensional portals at will really comes in handy when battling demonic incursions.

    Biggest Midnight Sons Moment: Man-Thing has been a multiple-time member of the Midnight Sons, but he was particularly useful on the occasion he followed Kale and Michael Morbius into an alternate dimension to stop the undead from invading the Marvel Universe. Man-Thing’s hands burned hundreds of zombies on that day, including the biggest of them all, and Earth-616 would have been doomed without him.

  • Who Is He? Marc Spector was a mercenary left for dead in the Sudanese desert when he encountered Khonshu, the Egyptian God of the Moon, after which he became Moon Knight, protector of all those who travel by night. On account of his dissociative identity disorder, Spector is also at least two other guys - Steven Grant and Jake Lockley - on a regular basis, and each of them has a rich and intricate life of his own. Grant is a movie star, Lockley is a cab driver, and Spector is, primarily, a vigilante.

    What Does He Bring To The Sons? Appropriately enough, Moon Knight’s power level tends to wax and wane. At times, Khonshu grants him great abilities, up to and including enough super-strength to wield the Phoenix Force. Most of the time, however, Moon Knight is just an ordinary human with an extraordinary mind and an expensive collection of high-tech moon-themed gadgets.

    Biggest Midnight Sons Moment: Confusingly enough, one of Moon Knight’s greatest foes is the Midnight Man, but he has nothing to do with the Midnight Sons. Despite being around for a long time and being generally spooky, Moon Knight has only ever hooked up with the Midnight Sons once, and that was the time Mephisto claimed Las Vegas for himself and turned several of the Avengers, including Doctor Strange, into Ghost Riders. Moon Knight proved crucial in battling the likes of Ghost Panther and Thor Rider.