Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About Moon Knight

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to expand, and now that Moon Knight is finding his way into the MCU via a Disney+ series, a somewhat obscure hero is being introduced to a new generation of fans. Although Moon Knight, AKA Marc Spector and other aliases, has been around since Werewolf by Night #32, which was published in 1975, he never became as popular as many of the characters already seen in various MCU projects, so many people probably don't know a lot about the character.

He's had several eponymous series over the years, and there have been some exceptional Moon Knight comic book storylines, so he has a solid fan base. The Disney+ show will likely bring in more fans (it doesn't hurt that Oscar Isaac is playing him).

Take a look at the items below to learn as much about Moon Knight as possible before, during, or after you binge all the episodes of the Moon Knight series on Disney+. 

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    He Has A High Pain Tolerance

    Marc Spector has a long history of working in dangerous professions, including boxing, fighting as a Marine, and working for the CIA and as a mercenary, so he can take a lot of hits.

    His pain tolerance is so high, his enemy Taskmaster, who has the ability to mimic someone's fighting style by briefly observing them, has trouble keeping up. Taskmaster says Moon Knight is difficult to copy because he doesn't bother to dodge his enemy's blows. Instead, he takes the hit and gives it back.

    When Taskmaster attempts to eliminate Moon Knight, he fails due to the simple fact that mimicking Moon Knight's fighting style would result in taking a beating so severe, he couldn't possibly survive.

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    He Wears White For A Specific Reason

    Moon Knight is often compared to Batman, and there are plenty of similarities between the two characters, but one distinct difference is the contrast between their costumes. Batman wears black and gray (for the most part), while Moon Knight wears white. Batman likes to keep to the shadows to ensure he can surprise his enemies, but Moon Knight does the complete opposite, leading many to wonder why he does this. 

    The explanation is simple: Moon Knight wants to be seen. He wants to serve the moon as its vigilante seeking justice, so he makes sure he sticks out like a sore thumb in the city's skyline. Moon Knight has no interest in stealth, doesn't bother to be quiet, and wants his enemies to know he's coming. He's built up a reputation for being especially harsh, so he's more than happy to let his enemies know they're in for a serious beating when he makes his presence known.

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    He Has Moon-Based Powers

    Marc Spector has a number of powers given to him by Khonshu, the Egyptian moon god who resurrects him to become Moon Knight, and these powers are related to the phases of the moon. First and foremost, he is immortal. Spector has perished three times; Khonshu resurrects him each time, so he has something of a "get out of death" card.

    Additionally, Spector's brain changes due to how he interacts with the moon god. His brain is effectively rebuilt/rewired to act as Khonshu's weapon. He's resistant to telepathy, and has complete control over his mindscape. Finally, Spector is a highly skilled combatant, but his ultimate potential doesn't unlock until the moon is visible in the sky. If it's full, his true potential is unlocked, so a lot of his powers/skills depend on the moon's phase.

    At one point, he receives even more powers, but rebels against Khonshu and loses them.

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    He's Harsh When Delivering Justice

    Moon Knight and Batman have been compared over the years, and in many ways, the characters are similar. For much of his early history, Mood Knight didn't have superpowers just like Batman. They both are insanely wealthy and can fight in any situation against all manner of enemies. They also have gadgets and are exceptional detectives. There are some key differences, however. The Egyptian god of vengeance aside, the most significant difference between the two is how harsh Moon Knight is toward his enemies.

    Moon Knight will take down an enemy and beat the ever-living snot out of them. Then, he'll beat them some more. When he's done, and if the bad person is a repeat offender, he'll permanently scar them. He carves a crescent shape into the foreheads of his adversaries, forever marking them as someone who crossed Moon Knight. Batman doesn't do this (outside of the DCEU), so how the two characters deal with their enemies is a stark difference.

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    He Is A Card-Carrying Member Of The Avengers

    Moon Knight is in general a solo superhero. At one point, he has a sidekick, but that guy is self-declared, so Marc Spector doesn't seek him out. But he does have a few team-ups over the years, and at one time even joins the Avengers.

    It's fair to say that pretty much every superhero in the Marvel Universe has been a member of the Avengers at one time, but Moon Knight is different. His joining is unusual for the character, but he does it anyway, and manages to impress Captain America so much that he's hand-picked to serve as a Secret Avenger. Outside of working with Earth's Mightiest Heroes, he's also teamed up with the Heroes for Hire, the Defenders, and the Marvel Knights.

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    He's Worn A Lot Of Hats

    Moon Knight might be a street-level superhero in the Marvel Universe, but he doesn't start out that way. Over the course of his life, Marc Spector has worn a lot of hats. He's dominated as a professional heavyweight boxer, served in the Marine Corps, worked for the CIA, and operated as a soldier of fortune.

    His work as a mercenary ultimately puts him on the path to become Moon Knight, because had he not gone on what amounted to his final mission, his life would have turned out much different.

    Spector learns a lot about tracking, fighting, and dominating others throughout all his careers. This makes him an ideal candidate for Khonshu, the moon god worshipped by the people of ancient Egypt. Once Khonshu chooses Spector at a young age, his life follows a path that prepares him to one day become Moon Knight, so it's no wonder he adapts to the role as an adult.