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12 Marvel Movie Scenes That Were Way More Brutal and Disturbing in the Comics

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a powerhouse that slows no sign of slowing down. People have applauded the studio for making highly entertaining films that more or less faithfully adapt the spirit of the comic books in ways that are generally accessible to the everyday public. Most of the Marvel Superhero movies are based on the comic books, but not every storyline is adapted page for page. Marvel often finds it necessary to tweak and alter events so they play out differently in the films. Storytelling restraints, time management, and outdated ideas are all reasons why Marvel likes to change things up in ways that both fit the story and entertain audiences.

But sometimes, Marvel makes changes because the original comic book story was way too brutal to bring to the big screen. Marvel films mostly try to be a family-friendly venture, so events like the Red Skull mutilating his own face or Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch's incestuous relationship don't really fly on the silver screen. Below is a list of Marvel movie scenes vs. Marvel comic scenes that show how much Marvel has changed in their storylines.