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Marvel Characters Whose Comic Book Origin Stories Are Way More Upsetting Than The Movies Portrayed

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The blockbuster films of Batman, Spider-Man, and Superman have cemented these characters' origins in the minds of audiences around the globe. At this point, multiple radioactive spiders have already bitten multiple cinematic Peter Parkers. Many more Marvel heroes have had their stories adapted to the silver screen, but one can always count on comic book continuity to be more complicated than that of a mainstream movie franchise. This has led to several Marvel origins being watered down before hitting the big screen - with some being downright sanitized. 

Though some of the Marvel heroes' origins portrayed in the movies have been pretty horrifying, they pale in comparison to what their comic book counterparts had to go through to obtain their superpowers. Casual fans may be surprised to learn that their favorite cinematic protagonists have suffered some of the most harrowing experiences to ever hit the four-color page - adding a whole new perspective to "Whatever It Takes."

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