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18 Utterly Insane (Yet Weirdly Convincing) Marvel Studios Fan Theories

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The Marvel Universe is ever expanding. But what does the future of Marvel entertainment look like? That's hard to say. That's not stopping anyone from guessing, though! Between the massive Marvel movie plot holes and Marvel Studios tropes, there is plenty of room for some compelling fan theories. 

Fan theories about Marvel Studios are ubiquitous, with speculation about when and how the cinematic universe will crossover with the television universe, as well as hypotheses about the expansive individual universes in and of themselves.

You've probably heard a lot of fan theories about the MCU, and, let's face it, many of them should come with tinfoil hats. But then you get into some that really make you think. Wait. Was Peter Park actually in Iron Man 2? Some of the fan theories about Marvel's Netflix series and the MCU might actually make you gasp, or laugh out loud. Or both, simultaneously, until you're doing a weird gaspy, laughy, kind of choky thing that makes the strangers on the bus look at you with a potent mixture of suspicion and disgust. 

So, let's find out what might be next for the Marvel Studios universes.