The Most Powerful Weapons In The Marvel Universe, Ranked By Destructive Force

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The Marvel Universe is home to a lot of weird, interesting, and impressive gadgets and weapons. The most powerful weapons of Marvel are seldom seen, mostly because they’re so omnipotent it becomes difficult for writers to work around their destructive abilities.

For example, if Thor is truly in possession of an all-powerful Necrosword capable of taking down Galactus, then why doesn’t he use it all of the time? This is why we see a lot of tame weapons in the Marvel Universe. Many of these weapons are only used in desperate times against the biggest baddies, and the rarity of these weapons from Marvel comics only adds to their intrigue.

There is quite a history of legendary character weapons in comic books, and Marvel is no exception. Not all of the uber-destructive items present in the Marvel Universe are tied to one character in particular, but many are. Marvel has a bevy of well-armed, superpowered individuals ready to show just how mighty their weapons can be.