Which Marvel Villain Would You Be According To Your Zodiac Sign?

There's no denying it - Zodiac signs are hella fun. There's an astrological symbol for each Justice League member as their is for every Avenger, but let's face it, nothing beats a good villain. Luckily, there's a Marvel villain for each Zodiac sign since the pantheon of evildoers in that universe is vast, varied, and vivacious. Some villains truly believe they're doing the right thing, like the progressive Aquarius Magneto, while others just revel in destruction like the Cancer that is Thanos.

A Zodiac sign is a mirror reflecting the traits that define you. Whether these Marvel villains are ruled by these traits, or have honed these attributes with an iron will, these baddies possess defining characteristics of each astrological sign. Hopefully you don't identify with any of them.


  • Aries don't just initiate, they take charge. They lead the charge. They are pioneers. Aries believe themselves to be preeminent. Doctor Doom adopted the name God Emperor Doom in the Secret Wars story arc when he effectively became the most powerful being in the multiverse. How's that for believing oneself to be preeminent? Doctor Doom is no backseat villain, willing to join up with a group like the Sinister Six and take orders; he believes himself to be the smartest, most capable being, and he presents that to the world.

  • Tauruses are most comfortable in the lap of luxury. They love opulence. They yearn for rewards and those generally come in the form of the finer things in life, including food and drink. Kingpin is nothing if not a connoisseur of good food and drink. Especially food. He's a large man - like a bull, and just as stubborn - which is of course fitting since Taurus is a bull. But another defining characteristic of Tauruses is their slow, steady, inexorable diligence in working toward the things they want. Kingpin is a plotter, whose machinations may take time to bear fruit, but that is time he's willing to wait.

  • Geminis are talkers who seek to probe into the mind of their conversational opponent, not unlike the silver-tongued Loki. They're fickle, mercurial, ever changing and flip-flopping, almost so unpredictable they surprise even to themselves. Loki is a trickster who has no problem taking both sides in a conflict. Geminis are quick-thinking and quick-witted, again like the barb-slinging Norse God of Mischief. The Twins are the sign of Gemini because a Gemini almost always has a counter balance, much like Loki's relationship with Thor.

  • Cancer (June 21 - July 22): Thanos
    Photo: Avengers: Infinity War / Walt Disney Studios

    Cancers can get angry. Really angry. Sometimes they let their emotions get the best of them, and that goes doubly for matters of the heart. They're passionate lovers, and when they fall, they fall hard. That sure sounds an awful lot like Thanos's relationship with Lady Death. Probably because he was scorned as a baby, discarded by his parents who didn't want a monster, Thanos loves Lady Death with a fire and fury well beyond infatuation. He loves her so much he's wiped out half the universe to prove it.

  • Leos are driven by a singular purpose to rise to power and notoriety - the lion is the king of the jungle, after all. They will do whatever it takes to attain that seat, and once there, they may very well rule with an iron fist. That said, they may win people to their side with their charisma and magnetism. Erik Killmonger's raison d'être is to win the throne of Wakanda. He even succeeded in this effort despite being a monster. In part, he was able to do this through sheer ferocity, but also because he did manage to win Wakandans angry with the status quo to his side. 

  • There is perhaps no other astrological sign more associated with scientists than Virgo. Virgos are the brains of the zodiac, with keenly curious minds that seek knowledge, often for the greater good. Well, when Dr. Otto Octavius created his sustainable energy source, he had good intentions (at least in Spider-Man 2), but his prosthetic mechanical arms corrupted him. Regardless of motivations, Doc Ock is a scientist, always seeking answers to the universe's secrets, even if those are usually related to ways he can best Peter Parker.